Asija’s 4 Beauty Tips That Will Have You Thanking Her Later

Asija is an Instagram gem who, after uploading multiple images, recently went viral showcasing her unique and dazzling beauty. Smooth, beautiful skin; sweet, pillow-soft lips and a blessed little family. Here are, in her own words, four beauty tips that will have you giving thanks later on.
  • Cocoa butter on damp skin
    It feels fantastic to soften your skin, as well as that sweet smell in addition. After a good shower, apply cocoa butter or any other natural lotion on moist skin and pat dry, following up with a scented lotion.
  • Shave with coconut oil
    In her own terms, the secret to Asija’s long-lasting fresh skin is to shave it with coconut oil. She suggests that you stock some disposable razors because you don’t want to reuse recently used razors on pubic hair, and cause any possible irritation and razor bumps.
  • Soften your lips by brushing them
    If the problem of dry lips is no longer solved by lip balms, get a toothbrush with some toothpaste and wet it like you would brush your teeth likewise. Instead, brush your lips for “20 to 30 seconds” and while the toothbrush removes the dead skin cells, the toothpaste can act as an exfoliator. Afterwards, add lip balm, vaseline, etc.
  • Avoid scented soaps on your intimate area.
    Scented soaps will make it drier and more acidic; check for a milder soap labelled, ‘pH balance’ and Asija assures you that your lady parts will thank you.

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