Exposing 3 Lies About The Skincare Industry

Skincare advertisements and marketing are particularly targetting women and girls by telling them that their skincare ingredients are safe; some of these ingredients are speeding up your aging process, some are exceedingly poisoning your delicate skin. Always examine and research the ingredients listed.

When it comes to the skincare industry, numerous individuals are not mindful of their marketing tactics. We are sometimes uninformed of the synthetic chemicals we are slathering on our skin. Discover more natural, beneficial ingredients here.

We are here to expose the lies, uncover the truth, and reveal their secrets.

  • The higher the price, the superior the product

It is essential to confirm whether the product you are buying is helping your skin’s wellbeing. The foremost common misunderstanding is that one has to break the bank to urge your desired results.

It is not proven that every luxury brand is viable and effective. Additionally, many drugstore products have been proven to be more effective and less harming. Find a good drugstore moisturiser, cleanser, sunscreen and invest in a concentrated eye cream and serum.

  • Your favourite products are made in sanitary facilities

As an analyst and a specialist, we can state that the maximal amount of skincare packaging comes from East Asia and it has been discovered that many manufacturers in these districts subject their worker to hazardous and unclean environments; many of these products are not disinfected and go straight to clients, causing possible health risks.  

Learn how to properly disinfect your products before applying.

  • Use a lot of product for speedier results

It is certainly a misconception that more products equal faster results. You ought to use a pea size amount of eye cream and a nickel size of moisturizer, sunscreen, and cleanser. Anything more could possibly clog your pores and reverse the benefits. Utilise your products under the impression that less is more.

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