Organic Maca Powder (100g)


Maca powder comes from a robust turnip type vegetable root. It grows in four different colour ranges, each of which have unique properties and work better for certain purposes.


Our organic raw maca powder is a blend of all 4 different roots: 25% red, yellow, purple and black, encompassing all the benefits of the maca powerhouse and offering you a unique nutritional profile.


• Build muscle and increase stamina
• Replace caffeine in the morning with a maca smoothie, a natural energy booster that reduces fatigue and tiredness
• Contains a variety of amino acids, which are the building blocks of hormones, taking maca regularly can help balance hormones
• Maca supports mental clarity as well as the ability to focus
• Reduces tiredness and fatigue
• Supports the immune system
• Reveals a more luminous and healthy body.
• Supports heart health
• Supports muscle function
• Energy enhancer


Add around one teaspoon to yogurt, cereals, smoothies or desserts.


100% Organic Maca Powder


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