Collagen & Rose Body Butter (100g)


Enjoy this pure collagen blend of regenerative, nourishing butters and oils.

Enjoy this pure blend of regenerative, nourishing butters and oils. Combined with our unique combination of essential oils, this collagen formula exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that stimulates your senses along with leaving your skin soft and supple.



  • Gives skin strength and elasticity.
  • Contains phenols, which are antibacterial chemicals that aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Contains antioxidant and moisturising properties in the skin, and can protect against UVB radiation damage, with a focus on reducing acute erythema and photoaging.
  • Contains more vitamin C than a lemon and orange


  • Increases blood flow to the skin, improves skin elasticity, and reduces visible wrinkles.
  • Reduces free radical damage caused by ultraviolet light.
  • Promotes collagen production.
  • Scars are prevented and minimized in appearance.


Weight: 100g

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Key Ingredients:
Plant-based collagen
Organic cold press rose hip seed oil
Non-GMO Vitamin E oil


Apply to cleansed skin, as a light moisturiser at any time.


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