Original Savon Noir Black Soap (100mg)


African Black Soap is Africa’s best kept secret and it is now just making its way to outside nations.

African Black Soap is the continent’s best kept secret and it is now just making its way to outside nations. This handcrafted authentic liquid Black Soap is considered by many a miracle cleanser and it will give you a brand new shower experience.



  • The genuine African Black Soap is made by hand in Guinea, West Africa, and is fairly traded through women’s cooperatives.
  • It is created with mild moisturizing components including raw, unrefined, dark palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and 100 percent pure, unprocessed shea butter.
  • Does not include any additional chemicals, preservatives, colorants, or scents.
  • Additionally great as a shaving cream, make-up remover, and gentle enough to use on hair.


  • A fantastic substitute for cleaners that are heavy on chemicals.
  • Can assist in balancing the natural oil production of your skin without removing essential oils or over-oiling it.
  • Is rich in vitamins A and E.
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells that accentuate fine wrinkles.
  • The moisture aids in avoiding the lumps and bumps brought on by razor burn.


Volume: 300ml

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