How Vegan-Friendly is Japanese cuisine? 1 Bonus Guide

Japanese cuisine is known for its delightful, subtle flavours and colours. Japanese traditional fares always resemble a piece of art as it is based on “washoku”. Furthermore, Japanese cuisine is incredibly healthy, which is the main contribution to Japanese natives’ long lives. 

Japanese cuisine is well-known globally due to its health benefits and colourful smooth texture:

The most commonly used ingredients in Japanese cuisine involve rice, noodles, soy products, mushrooms and seafood. In a country put together by groups of large islands, Japan’s cuisines are rooted in seafood. Examples include sea vegetables such as seaweed, which is commonly eaten for nutritional benefits; discover the Sea and Soil Organic Seaweed Blend here

Overall, Japanese food is delicious and wholesome for both vegetarians and vegans. Noodles and rice are the most commonly used foundation in Japanese cuisines. Koji and miso seasonings, made from fermented soybeans, are used in several; one of the most popular soy variants, known as tofu, is also present in a multitude of textures and shapes.

To find meat-free authentic Japanese food is incredibly easy however be sure to find a plentiful amount of egg products in the food.

In Japan, it can occasionally be difficult to avoid fish due to fish-based seasoning. There is a famous seasoning powder in Japan, known as “Dashi“, which is made from fish flakes. It is so popular in Japan you almost cannot avoid it. it is put in dressings, sushi rice, soups, dipping sauce, and many other delicacies. Discover a complete guide to vegan Japanese food here.

To summarise, there are many choices one can make if you’re searching for vegan or at least vegetarian options, but be sure to look out for hidden animal-based seasoning. There are several traditional Japanese meals and staple foods that are ideal for vegans.

Technology also makes it easier for travelers and ordinary food admirers to place orders for fully plant-based foods. If you are travelling to Japan and there are language barriers put in place, utilise translation devices to read menus and communicate with food vendors about your food preference.

Thank you for watching and always remember to listen to your body.


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